About Bread & Salt

Curatorial Projects

Bread & Salt, founded in 2008 by Iranian artist/curators Tarlan Rafiee and Yashar Samimi Mofakham, is an artistic and cultural project based on an old Iranian concept– which exists in many other cultures as well. Bread and salt is the least thing we, Iranians, offer to our guests in order to create a lasting friendship. A connection created over a table where bread and salt has been served is one of the strongest bonds in our culture. In the Bread & Salt Curatorial Projects that have taken place up to now, the goal has been to create such a bond.

Archives & Collection

B&S Collection contains more than 100 modern and contemporary works of art from emerging, established and masters from all over the world. The collection and the archives also contain original photographs and glass plate negatives from the beginning of century, documents on the Iranian contemporary history including the days of the revolution 1979, documents, photographs, posters and recorded sounds from 8 years of Iran-Iraq war, the history of graphic design in Iran, original celloloids from the golden age of animation in Iran, Qajar manuscripts and lithographs and more.

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