Selfdom; A Personal Project

Calling Project

Curated by Yashar Samimi Mofakham

I sing because — I am a singer. But I use you for it because I — need ears
Max Stirner

It is more likely that an artist knows his own selfdom more than anybody else. such a vast realm - in his own presumption- which is the centre of the world and affected by the outside world and everything around it. This is the most vulnerable place of all, since the beginning of mankind and will be so, till the end of time.

Probably, there is no king as conscious to his kingdom as him and in the same time, there is no place as unknown as the labyrinth of ego. It is a place that only one person knows its every sheltered spot and obscure corner and it’s him who can let the others inside and show them as much of his selfdom as he likes them to see.

In this exhibition, we decide to show you some of this realm, this is one of those corners that we thought is in need of eyes, to be seen by others. It was an opportunity to show some of the highlights of our minds, a personal project to show our selfdom.

Artists Ali Alavi, Azarakhsh Asgari, Sahand Behrouzi, Amirali Ghasemi, Alireza Ghazi, Sahand Hesamiyan, Baktash Sarang Javanbakht, Tarlan Rafiee, Nastaran Safaei, Yashar Samimi Mofakham

Supported by The Bread & Salt